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1 week to take off

2018-12-15 | Denmark | No Comments

The departure date is getting closer, all the final preparations need to be done. Long check lists have been made – booking transport and accommodation, planning with many people, making sure all vaccinations and medication are in place and so on. I now where I’ll be staying until the 13th of January – Sofie (my […]

My Crazy Idea

2018-12-08 | Denmark | 4 Comments

For some years I have been active in the Danish Humanist Society (Humanistisk Samfund) a humanist life stance organisation. Our foundation is humanism and human rights. We offer humanist rituals (confirmations, weddings, name giving’s and funerals), work for equal rights for all life stances & a secular state. I have mainly been involved in the […]


2018-12-01 | Denmark | 9 Comments

From today I don’t own anything. From today I don’t owe anything to anybody. The new owners of my house got the keys today. Within a few weeks everything will be settled. I can then relax and continue my planning for what’s next. Looking back at the last 9 months so much has happened. My […]