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2018-12-01 | Denmark | 9 Comments

Trees reflected in water, Denmark

From today I don’t own anything. From today I don’t owe anything to anybody.

The new owners of my house got the keys today. Within a few weeks everything will be settled. I can then relax and continue my planning for what’s next. Looking back at the last 9 months so much has happened. My life has completely changed. Everything sort of fitted into a turnaround, a turnaround for me – a new beginning.

Nine months ago, I was working more than full time as a quality manager in a large IT company with the responsibility for compliance and ISO certification within Northern Europe. A well payed job with lots of challenges and changes, just as I like it – but I wasn’t happy anymore.

At the same time, I was considering selling my house and downsizing. My daughter moved away from home 2 years ago, so I didn’t need the space anymore. I talked to the realtor and we decided to put the house on the market. At the same time my daughter and her boyfriend decided to move to London, and I was able to sublet their small apartment down town Copenhagen.

Just before the summer holidays I was told my job would be moved to Finland. Since we were not able to find another role for me in the company in Denmark I was out of a job from the 1st of September. Due to my many years in the company I would get paid until the 1st of February.

All of this put together gave me the chance to look at my life all over again. I have worked and studied all my life. I got my first job at 13 delivering newspapers – I’ve been a nanny, a maid, a cleaner, working at a supermarket, at a newspaper, as a student’s counsellor and so on – supporting my self since I was 18 going through college and university. Also doing volunteer work most of the time since then. I have always worked, studied or done both at the same time.

I never had a gap year. Now is the time for my gap year – now I have the time, my daughter are not planning any grandchildren in the near future and my parents are in good health, this is my window of opportunity.

I have decided that I want to travel around the world and see where it leads me.

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  1. Merete Hess

    Hej Kirstine. Det lyder som et fantastisk projekt! Det vil jeg glæde mig til at følge.
    Kan man abonnere på din blog, så der automatisk kommer besked i min mailboks, når du har lavet et nyt indlæg?

    • admin

      Hej Merete
      Det har jeg ikke lige fået sat op endnu, men jeg skal nok se på det. Er rimelig ny udi wordpress 🙂
      Hilsen Kirstine

  2. Maria Ana Liz

    Amazing how life can play so many tricks on us, when we least expect it. I hope that what seemed to be the end, will only be the beginning. And from your description it looks like you really needed it. I wish you all the best!!!

    • admin

      Thank you Maria Ana. Yes I think it will turn out it was the best thing that could have happened to me 🙂

  3. Lisa Howell

    Hej Stine!
    I really admire your courage and motivation to explore your “inside” world and the “outside” world. You are on a remarkable adventure. So glad you are writing so we can follow it. Love! xox Lisa

  4. Tina Stege Lindstrøm


  5. Gitte Kongstadt

    Wow Kirstine. Du har altid været modig og ikke bleg for at gå nye veje. Jeg vil meget gerne følge dig og ønsker dig et fantastisk eventyr. Kh. Gitte

    • admin

      Tak skal du have Gitte. Du er hermed skrevet på mailinglisten 🙂

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