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Ctrl – Alt – Delete – igen

2019-08-28 | Short read | No Comments

Der har været stille på bloggen siden jeg kom hjem fra Ghana & London i juli. Jeg har brugt sommeren på at genoverveje mit projekt. Jeg dropper det ikke, slet ikke, men jeg har måtte gentænke hvordan jeg fortæller om mig selv, min rejse og mit projekt. Der har været for meget sammenblanding mellem mig […]

Goodbye Ghana

2019-07-13 | Denmark, Ghana, Long read | No Comments

I just left Ghana after a visit which seemed too short. It was my first trip back to western Africa since Sofie & I visited Mali 14 years ago. Back then Mali was a peaceful country and we travelled with Sofie’s friend Martha, her brother Simon, her mom Dorthe and her dad David (who is […]

The final episode of Babelfish season 1 has been published. The podcast will be on holiday until August. So far 30 interviews with non-believers from 7 countries in the eastern and southern parts of Africa have been produced. I have talked to humanists, atheists and freethinkers from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana and South […]

Goodbye Portugal

2019-04-22 | Long read, Portugal | 1 Comment

It wasn’t part of my plan to visit Portugal this year. I want to do a Europe tour at some point visiting all the European countries. I want to wait interviewing non-believers in this part of the world where is seems to be easier than in other parts. But since I was in the neighbourhood, […]

The humanist society

2019-04-02 | Denmark, Short read | 1 Comment

My life stance is humanism and my values are based on human rights. This means I belong to a minority in this world since most people are religious. I have not really considered myself being part of a minority before I started my travels and talked to other non-believers. But we are a minority. In […]

London Baby

2019-03-27 | Short read, UK | No Comments

I’ve just spent four days in London with my family. My daughter Sofie and her boyfriend Rasmus has been living there since August. Both my mom and I have birthdays in March. So, we went there for our birthday celebrations and to spend some time together for once. I love London. I love the diversity, […]

Management by Fear

2019-03-20 | Denmark, Rwanda, Short read | No Comments

I just finalized my next article. Its about my visit to Rwanda and it has been difficult writing it. Its been tough thinking about my visit again, so emotional. I ended up spending several days writing the article, because I needed breaks in between. Thinking about all those people killed during the genocide. All those […]

Home sweet home

2019-03-14 | Denmark, Long read | No Comments

I haven’t been active on my blog the last week. My writing routine is a bit off after I came home. I’m still trying to adjust to everyday life – it is especially hard to get used to the cold weather and the rain. I’ve been freezing, some days just wanted to stay under my […]

Goodbye Namibia – goodbye Africa

2019-03-03 | Namibia | No Comments

Today I am leaving Namibia. The only country where I haven’t interviewed any humanists. So far, I know the country doesn’t have any humanist or atheist organisations – or at least no organisations are members of Humanists International. I decided to visit anyway – purely for recreational reasons. So, I have been on holiday the […]